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      1. Business Knowledge Graph

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        Always Learning.

        Never Guessing.

        Deepen insights over time, allowing for unprecedented personalization and optimization of the platform experience.
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        Personalization Gets Predictive

        By learning which users are more inclined to interact with a mix of particular products, we’re able to personalize the entire platform experience:
        • Changing the order of Live Tiles on the Dashboard
        • Reprioritizing onboarding, nurture and upsell
          communications from the Marketing Engine
        • Triggering specific scripted interactions
          using the Conversational AI feature.
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        Find the Answers

        to questions you didn’t even know to ask.
        What kinds of questions can we help you answer?

        Make Informed Decisions Starting Now.

        Schedule your live platform demo and we’ll walk you through all the components of the Platform
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