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        We are Launching our Business Funding Marketplace

        Welcome to the Company.com Business Funding Marketplace. We’ve stripped away the complexities, the waiting, and the paper trail. Instead, we’re delivering a variety of funding options built specifically for small businesses. We’ll help match you to the right type of financing, with the right terms, that are right for your situation. Read our?full?Press Release here. For more details about…
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        How To Series: FAQ

        Welcome to the Company.com How To Series, today we are going to cover some of the most commonly asked questions from our users. Several issues can be resolved by turning off your?pop up blocker. Always try this first. Another option is to select “Always allow pop-ups…

        How To Series: Email Unsubscribe.

        Welcome to our How To Series:? Lets quickly go over the steps for how to unsubscribe from the Newsletter or any other Company.com email. 1)????? Click on the email that you would like to unsubscribe from. 2)????? At the bottom left side of the?email, click…

        How To Series: Adding a signature to your email.

        Welcome to Company.com email Powered by Rackspace. Today we are going to walk through the steps of setting up your email signature. Things to know before we get started. 1)????? Make sure your popup blocker is turned off. a.?????? Another option is to select…

        How to Grow Your Business Using Your Website

        You did the research and knew you needed to create a website for your small business. You used a drag and drop site builder and created an online presence that looks pretty good. If you are like many other small business owners, you may be poised to make the mistake of…

        Announcing our New Partnership with Paysafe!

        Big news today as Paysafe announces same-day settlement partnership with Company.com and Ingo money. The product, which will be available to over 250,000 small to mid-size businesses, enables merchants much faster access to their money, solving a big problem for small…