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      1. Customer Experience (CX)

        Conversational UI: Whatever you do, don’t call it a chatbot.

        Imagine being able to upsell a customer just by having them click “yes.” Imagine provisioning a complex product for SSO by simply asking, “Hey, is this information right?” These things are not only possible but preferable, and they’re available through the Company.com Dashboard via our Conversational UI. This brilliant little feature can be layered onto any of our live tiles to provide a…
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        How SMBs Can Benefit From Business Dashboards

        Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often fueled by the passion of their founders and driven by a strong belief in their core product or service offering. For these companies, delving into the administrative details, compiling reports and poring over…

        IPaaS or DXP: Which One Do You Need?

        Do you need iPaaS or a DXP? There’s no single right answer. These software categories are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they can be complementary. While iPaaS can help you integrate and align different solutions, a DXP allows you to improve customer…

        The Basics of Digital Experience Platforms

        It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed like this phrase was everywhere: “It’s like Uber, but for ____.” There’s a reason behind the seeming ubiquity of this once-popular elevator pitch. Two features of Uber were frequently imitated in different verticals. The first…

        The Benefits of White-Label Partnerships

        Does it feel like your company is expected to be everything to everyone? Many business leaders find themselves pushed and pulled in several different directions at once, almost to the point where their original core competencies seem meaningless and irrelevant to their…